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Museum of the American Railroad

Follow the Route from Dallas to Frisco Minimize

View the route the Museum's equipment will take on its journey from Dallas to Frisco.

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The Museum of the American Railroad receives numerous inquiries about the moves each day. We will make every effort to provide advance information about each equipment move. Please keep in mind that these moves are at the convenience of the railroads and may occur with little prior notice. A master schedule for the entire collection move does not exist. For general updates, visit the Museum’s website and click on “The Big Move – Rolling Stock” under the “Frisco” tab. For specific updates on train movements, visit the Museum’s Facebook page at

As with every equipment move, please remember that while the Museum of the American Railroad looks forward to sharing this historic event with members, stakeholders, and the community at large, it must be done from a safe distance. Safety and security are of the utmost importance. As periodic updates are provided by the Museum, we are in no way inviting the public to enter railroad property or board rail equipment at any time during the move. Violations will be considered trespassing and interfering with interstate commerce.

We are greatly indebted to the host railroads for their generosity and support of the Museum's move to Frisco. We share their concern for maintaining a safe environment, and a minimum of disruption of service to their customers. Our sincere thanks to the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Dallas, Garland & Northeastern Railroad, and the Trinity Railway Express for making these moves possible.

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