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The Vision:
The Museum of the American Railroad has embarked on an ambitious expansion program that will transform the fifty-year-old institution into a center for transportation history and technology.  At its new venue in Frisco, the Museum will become a destination for visitors worldwide, and a cultural resource that tells the story of the railroad and its profound effect on our lives. 

The City of Frisco, located 27 miles north of downtown Dallas, owes its name and its beginnings to the railroad.  The Museum’s new 12.34 acre site in Frisco will allow for much needed expansion, collection growth, proper facilities for the public, and expanded educational programming.  The City of Frisco has provided 1) a 12.34 acre site adjacent to the Frisco Discovery Center, 2) $1 million toward construction of the new Museum, and 3) interim office space in the nearby Frisco Heritage Museum.  

Expansion of the Museum at its new Frisco location is a strategic move to serve all of the Southwest.  Further, the expansion will assure our nation of having access to America’s railroad treasure and engaging opportunities for exploring the historical dynamics that shaped who we are today and point us toward the future. 

The Mission:
The Museum of the American Railroad exists to share the rich history and heritage, as well as current and future developments of the institution of the American Railroad through artistic, cultural, and educational programming. 

A 50 Year Legacy in North Texas:
Chartered in 1962, the Museum of the American Railroad is a not-for-profit Texas corporation providing educational and entertaining programming to over 3 million visitors since its inception.  The Museum is dedicated to celebrating the heritage and exploring the future of railroads through historic preservation, research, and educational programming.  The Museum collects artifacts and archival material from the railroad industry to exhibit and interpret their significance in American life and culture.  Exhibits and general programs are provided year-round.  Educational programs are available to local schools and universities through study trips, in-class programming & outreach, and online resources. 

An Educational Resource:
The Museum seeks to add context to the lives of present and future generations by creating an understanding of the challenges and achievements of our past.  This is accomplished through educational programming that focuses on history and social studies as well as the science & technology of railroads.  Interpretation of the collection focuses on the railroad’s influence on the spread of cultures and growth of our nation.  Emphasis is placed on providing an interactive encounter with history that inspires youngsters to learn more about their past and develop problem-solving skills for their future. 

Programs not only address the past, but seek to explore the role of railroads in meeting today’s transportation needs.  The railroad industry is an environmentally friendlier way of transporting people and goods.  Programming delves into the future of the industry as it relates to alternative fuel sources and the development of new, greener technologies.  We also endeavor to foster an appreciation of the arts through diverse exhibits and programs that are inclusive of the visual and performing arts.

The Opportunity:
We invite you to join us in this exciting endeavor to create the premiere center for transportation and technology in the Southwest – the Museum of the American Railroad.

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