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The Museum of the American Railroad is pleased to present its 2014/2015 Educational Program Directory.  The Directory includes five programs targeted to local schools: four spanning grades K through 11, and a fifth offering internship opportunities for high school seniors and college students.  The Directory also highlights five new programs currently in development for the 2015/2016 academic year. 

Click here to access the Museum's Educational Program Directory for the 2014/2015 academic year!

Current programming includes:

Field to Factory:  Trains, Jobs, and American Commerce - Grades K-2

An interactive economics, history, and geography program

Bolts & Jolts:  All Aboard the Energy Train! - Grades 3-6

The physics and energy of trains, including magnetic levitation

The Museum would like to acknowledge the generosity of Elenco Electronics, Inc. for its in-kind support of Bolts & Jolts!

Texas Government and Bringing the Railroad - Grades 7-8

Geography, maps, and the commerce & politics of railroads

U.S. Civil Rights Movement, Race Relations and the Role of the Railroad - Grade 11

An 11th grade social studies program with Museum site visit component

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