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Museum of the American Railroad

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2014/2015 Educational Programs!

The Museum of the American Railroad released its 2014/2015 Educational Program Directory today.  The Directory includes five programs targeted to local schools: four spanning grades K through 11, and a fifth offering internship opportunities for high school seniors and college students.  The Directory also highlights five new programs currently in development for the 2015/2016 academic year. 

Educational programs were developed in coordination with Frisco ISD and surrounding school districts' educators and administrators, as well as program development professionals.  The Museum's new educational programs meet several curricula needs that were identified through numerous meetings with the ISDs.  Programs were developed in accordance with Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) criteria. 

Programs will be presented in the classroom as well as the Museum's interim facilities at the Frisco Heritage Museum, with limited tours of the Museum's rail car collection also available.  Through the use of an extensive collection of artifacts and archival material, students receive first-hand instruction and interpretation of our Nation's rich heritage through the lens of the railroad. 

In addition to a variety of cultural history programs, the Museum offers instruction on the technologies behind rail transportation.  Nearly 200 years of innovation is represented in the Museum's STEM-based programs.  These programs range from the production and use of steam in the industrial age, the transition to internal combustion, AC and DC heavy electrical systems, to such groundbreaking developments as Magnetic Levitation.  New technologies in the rail industry are employed to provide logistical solutions in a growing global economy.  These existing and emerging technologies are showcased in educational programming to inspire and challenge students. 

Programs are scheduled by phoning ArtReach at 214-219-2049.  Further inquiries about programs, and how to tailor presentations to individual needs, phone the Museum at 214-428-0101.

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